If you are a manufactor or retailer of ovens and equipment for ovens, and you would like to be among the first to have SafeTap in your portfolio, then please contact us directly to explore options regarding price, color, surface and company brand on your own edition.

We will soon start to market our product to relevant companies in the industry, but obviously we can´t reach out to everyone at once. Want to be "first movers" with SafeTap, don´t hisitate to contact us.


We expect to be ready to produce on a large scale for manufacturers and dealers early autum 2022. We will promise a reliable delivery time, as we will have a fully running production line that can produce up to 2,500 units a day.

If you choose SafeTap as standard equipment for your ovens, you only need to purchase the container and the valve for installation in your own standard roasting tins, plus the replaceable filters.

If the system is to be delivered as "add on" equipment in stores, the set can be delivered complete with a universal size roasting tin.


We look forward to meeting you.