SafeTap ApS is part of the SauerConcept Group where the affiliates represent each their patented product. At SauerConcept Group we have professional people in relevant positions ensuring we have all the right competencies inhouse.

My name is Steen Sauer and I have for many years been involved in functional product-design, furniture design, and stunning interior design, hotel design as well as planning of professional kitchens, at a high-end quality level.

My mantra is, that a product must have a sensible purpose. It must be simple and easy to use as well as it has to give a sense of quality in your everyday life.

After 13 years abroad, as CEO in Switzerland, I returned to Denmark in 2020, where I have build relationships with skilled manufacturers who have the same set of values ​​for reliability and quality as I have. An example is the AAA rated Ulstrup Plast A/S in Denmark with its 1,200 employees. Ulstrup is the guarantor of high-end quality products and they do their outmost to fullfill the expected delivery.

We are extremely proud to solve an historical challenge and bring security into all kitchens with our product "SafeTap".